Society for Development & Rehabilitation of Rural Women - Jordan

Assembly Activity in holding educational courses.
■ Assembly held a number of educational courses art embroidery and knitting garments and textile heritage through various positions in Jordan.
■ Assembly held many educational seminars from religious and health aspects and for all cultural levels.
■ The Assembly also provides information services of training courses and Internet courses for all age groups.
Assembly activities in the field of agriculture.
■ The Society is distributing seedlings, grains and planter on many of the beneficiaries of the service centers.
■ The association also distributes fertilizers and medicines throughout the year and for different crops.
■ In addition to the Assembly activity in the collection and distribution of agricultural products.
Assembly activities in the field of education.
■ Assembly adopts the teaching and pay a fee for many of the university students in various universities and institutes Kingdom.
■ Assembly contribute to the establishment of honorary ceremony for graduate students annually named him many companies and institutions.
■ The Assembly also contribute to providing job opportunities for graduate students, and employed in factories and laboratories sawmill in the Kingdom.
■ In addition to providing support for school clothes, bags and stationery.
Other activities of the association in serving the community.
■ Assembly establish free medical days in several villages, and distributed through which medical supplies and medicines, including: the distribution of medical supplies to people with special needs from (chairs, beds, ......, etc.).
■ Assembly gathering in-kind and cash assistance and donations from philanthropists and tender embrace and then distributed to the beneficiaries in all parts of the Kingdom.
■ Assembly distributed nearly twenty sewing machine annually to the trainees in sewing.
■ Assembly held many exhibitions and fashion shows to highlight Jordan's heritage landmarks locally and regionally and internationally.