Society for Development & Rehabilitation of Rural Women - Jordan

Introduction to the development and rehabilitation of Rural Women's Association.

   Development and rehabilitation of rural women, headed by Sheikha fame Hunaiti iron Society, founded in 1990 for humanitarian and development oriented goals of service to the category of women and poor families across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the association works to run women's home and provide job opportunities for them, in addition to market their products, starting courses cosmetics and sewing projects and mat weaving and knitting, then be the headquarters of the exhibition is always for the sale of rural products and send the price to pioneered.

  Assembly five centers serve the majority of the governorates of the Kingdom, in addition to its head office in the suburb of Al-Hussein / Capital Governorate and we work on the marketing of products received from our centers in rural Jordan.

   Note that the five assembly centers have adopted a number of development projects successful is not a competitor to the services of any other entity, including: Deir Yusuf Center - Al Mazar al Shamali / Mhafezharbd, in which several projects are held the most important of the productive kitchen project, which covers seven villages requests from the brigade and even the province whole , and also the center of great activity through the computer project, which provides information services of training courses and sessions Internet for all age groups and cultural levels. In addition to home gardens project, where the Assembly adopted the creation of water harvesting to nine houses, as well as providing seasonal Balachtal, trees and seeds for the majority of the inhabitants of Deir Yousef area, and the most prominent Assembly fingerprints on the region's landmarks are re-embroidery art at the hands of girls and women Jordanian villages, became the Assembly train and employ about 200 girls and women on this traditional craft, as well as to give 40 head of goat and poultry twenty lady laying $10000.

   All assembly centers have several activities in their regions to hold educational seminars, health and religious aspects as well as the Assembly the distribution of seedlings, cereals and plants, adopted Assembly the delivery of in-kind and cash assistance and donations from the association and from philanthropists and tender and delivery to beneficiaries in most parts of the Allmakh addition to the donation of 30 sewing machine and the establishment of medical days and then the distribution of private medical supplies to people with special needs {chairs, family, ........ etc} and also participate in exhibitions and fashion shows La Paz locally and internationally and regionally Jordanian heritage landmarks.

   As well as the Assembly adopts a teaching 85 university students by paying tuition fees to them as Assembly contribute to providing job opportunities for graduate students and a ceremony honoring the graduates a year, in addition to providing support for school clothes, bags and stationery, as well as the Assembly, run about 90 girls and young people in factories and plants in several areas.